X-GENERATOR Bicycle Generator by Jaw-Dropper International Holdings Ltd.

X-GENERATOR Bicycle Generator by Jaw-Dropper International Holdings Ltd.

X-GENERATOR Bicycle Generator
Taiwan play an important role in the global bicycle realm,X-GENERATOR brand founder Kevin is love bicycles and professional electronics R & D, he knows the meaning of a bike on earth environmental protection, and help our sport, and beautiful to enjoy, however, we often go out to carry many electronic products, but can not use it because there is no electricity, it is regrettable ,Thus was born the X-GENERATOR Bicycle Generator,X-GENERATOR Bicycle Generator to meet your needs.

1.Through sports. Leisure. Travel and other activities, the leg muscles to easily turn the pedals at the same time, incidentally, generated with Power available at the time, so you're comfortable with green travel will not be left out beloved portable electronic products.
2.X-GENERATOR is a do not take the action home charging power.
3.Bicycle road by the wheels turning, X-GENERATOR will not increase the drag on the wheel.
4.The conversion of X-GENERATOR through a chain and gear ratio, so your green travel no burden.
5.Change on the battery pack to rely on, not every time out should be busy charging.
6.Riding a bike, the first important safety and enjoyment of life power play by “X-GENERATOR". 

1) Cheaply priced.
2) Chain drived power saves effort.
3) Plastic steel gear driven so that chain wearing will be avoided.
4) Stored power will provide power output even you do not tread on the pedals.
5) The voltage regulating function ensures stable power output.
6) AC generator is applied which guarantees, long duration and sufficient power.
7) The high-capacity lithium-ion battery has lower self-discharge and longer service life.
8) USB power output line is provided. 
9) Special flexible support is designed so that it can be installed in variable speed bicycle.
10) X-GENERATOR completely DIY, you can assemble by yourself, easy and worry-free.
11) Remote control vibration alarming function.(Optional Function)
12) Emergency taillights function
13) USB 5V/1000mA output meets the needs of electronic products