“CAR LIBERATOR” Multifunction Car Emergency Power

Newest Mini Emergency Jump Starter for car Handheld Emergency Battery charger for Phone, Laptop.Car

CAR LIBERATOR the Emergency Car Starter with Flashlight is the ultimate rechargeable, portable power solution for battery emergencies. When your vehicle battery is low, you can charge it without leaving the safety and warmth of your car.

Simply plug the emergency car starter into your vehicle`s 12-volt DC socket and it starts charging your vehicle`s low battery. Its built-in flashlight helps you see in the dark. The Emergency Car Starter features one DC outlet so you can power small personal electronics like an iPod, mobile phone or flashlight ECT, when the battery runs low.

To start 12V car, please make sure at least two LED lights of “CAR LIBERATOR” bright firstly, then connect the red battery clip to the battery positive (+) and black clip to the battery negative (-) and insert the plug into “CAR LIBERATOR”, finally turn the ignition switch to the START position. Once the car is started, please disconnect the plug and remove the battery clips immediately.

“CAR LIBERATOR” Multifunction Car Emergency Power Jump Starter for car Handheld Emergency Battery BY Jaw-Dropper International Holdings Ltd.

“CAR LIBERATOR” Multifunction Car Emergency Power Jump Starter for car Handheld Emergency Battery BY Jaw-Dropper International Holdings Ltd.

Top Features:
1) Emergency vehicles activated 20 times
2) Cold weather start-
3) bright lighting 40 hours
4) Strobe up to 30 hours
5) send SOS signal 120 hours
6) Smartphone is full of more than 10 times
7) Computer power supply 3 hours
8) Volume 20 of the old one product
9) The life of up to 3-5 years

Five functions
1) Car 12V emergency start
2) All emergency phone charger
3) All emergency charging laptop
4) high brightness, multi-mode LED Flashlight
5) mA battery capacity of up to 14,000, small, delicate appearance

Patented technology, similar products smallest and lightest; using 12000mAh high capacity and high power polymer batteries, support fast charging, low self-discharge, the loop charge and discharge times up to 1000 times; support 12V car emergency start, all brand mobile phone , PSP, MP3/MP4 Pocket PC PDA, notebook and other products charge / power supply, along with lighting function; Multiple safety protection design, to ensure zero defect products!

Product parameters:
Size: 7*3*15 cm
Weight: 500g
Capacity: 13000mAh
Operating temperature range: -40 ℃ – 60 ℃
Starting current: 200A
Peak current: 600A
Output: 5V/2A; 12V/2A; 19V/3.5A
Input: 12V/1A
Starting current: 200A
Peak current: 400A

Instructions for use:
Product description:
1) Select the appropriate voltage and connector for the electronic device to charge / power supply
2) Press the switch to start charging when your device connected with “CAR LIBERATOR”; If you unplug the cable, auto-sleep will start in one minute.
3) Five lights will flash circularly during the charging by “CAR LIBERATOR” and all lights will keep bright when your device is full-charged
4) During the charging for your device, LED lights indicate the balance power of built-in battery of “CAR LIBERATOR”. Four lights indicate 80% balance, three lights indicate 60% balance, two lights indicate 40% balance and one light indicates 20% balance. The built-in battery is empty whenall LED lights start to flash
5) Press the switch five seconds to start If you want to use LED for illumination and select the status ( light, strobe, SOS, close) by pressing the switch to transform.
6) Store the product in a cool and dry place and away direct sunlight.